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Survival environment Daobi reducer industry to green development
Hits:1034         Date:2017-6-23
Today's society, the voice of the development of green industry is getting higher and higher, then why should the development of green industry? Only to sort out this, in order to stimulate the development of China's reducer industry, the desire of the green reducer, rather than through the country's coercive measures to promote the reducer industry to the direction of the green slow to slow forward.
Increasingly severe environmental problems remind us that our surviving homeland - the earth, is already in a state of overload. Blue sky, white clouds, Castle Peak, green water has gradually become the luxury of mankind. In order to protect our common production environment, as a high pollution industry, the current deterioration of the ecological environment should cause the reducer industry to think deeply. Our living environment deteriorating, according to the speed of pollution, our future generations are still living space? Beijing perennial haze weather is a high-speed development of China's economy but ignore the environmental protection, ignoring the natural environment of the yellow card warning. At the same time China's GDP per million of energy consumption is much higher than the developed countries, energy dependence is getting higher and higher, which is worthy of our serious consideration.
For the current deterioration of the contemporary living environment worries, the future generations of the account, ask ourselves: Do the reducer industry should not reduce energy consumption; should not reduce emissions; should not take the green reducer development line; the development of green deceleration Is it not the responsibility of the contemporary reducer industry? The development of green reducer industry, power in the contemporary, Lee in the future, reducer industry green development is imperative.
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