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Adapt to the national industrial development, domestic reducer to be accelerated
Hits:871         Date:2017-6-23
In recent years, with the accelerated pace of economic globalization, Germany, France, Japan and other countries of the reducer manufacturing giant have beachhead in China, the occupation of China's reducer in the high-end market. At the same time, China's gear reducer industry after a good period of development, but because of various factors into the industry development "bottleneck", with the international industry giants in China continue to "conquered", domestic reducer products and Market advantage scenery no longer. In response to this situation, China's reducer industry enterprises should seriously reflect on their own gap with the international industry giants, in this long-distance race to catch up is the right way.
At present, the National Reducer Standardization Committee to discuss the adoption of the National Standardization Program 12th Five-Year Plan, clear the 12th Five-Year Plan: earnestly implement the national economic development plan of the 12th Five-Year Plan and China's equipment manufacturing industry development goals, Reducer enterprises and the industry-wide standardized management level, so that domestic transmission equipment to adapt to China's key and major equipment manufacturing industry in the development of modern national economic development needs for the implementation of China's equipment manufacturing industry from the production of large countries to transition to R & D and manufacturing power escort The
China's motor manufacturers because of the domestic market demand, the design of the motor from the appearance of the volume is relatively large. Compared with foreign large-scale motor, the consumption of raw materials and more, the cost of natural high up. Now the international trend of large-scale motor is light and simple, China's large motor in the volume and price do not have a competitive advantage, so China's large-scale motor design capability has yet to be improved. Only by enhancing the international competitiveness of China's domestic motor manufacturing enterprises, China's motor manufacturing industry will become the world's motor suppliers.
According to industry analysis, China's current reducer and gear motor companies ubiquitous problems, summed up no wonder three: First, the phenomenon of product homogeneity serious, between the types of products, the quality of the competitive advantage is not obvious "Price war", a direct result of the industry vicious competition; the second is the industry chain short and fragile, and before and after the lack of correlation between the industrial chain, vulnerable to upstream suppliers such as raw materials, downstream buyers order double squeeze "instantaneous collapse"; Is part of the structure of small and medium enterprises, the management of chaos, the lack of attention to technical personnel led to lack of technological innovation, product structure aging. To change this situation, we must first lay the basic skills of their own business; at the same time to diversify the enterprise groups to upgrade to brand agglomeration industry, the one-way space cluster extended to the value chain extension proliferation.
On the enterprise itself, to meet and exceed the level of international industry giants, to establish and implement a high-level personalized market to create ideas to the customer's individual needs as their duty, effort to build personalized market strategy, with rich " Personalized "products to seize the commanding heights of the market; two to build and consolidate the high-speed technical production response capacity to a quick response speed, accurate grasp of market conditions, early to seize the expected market; three to plan, start a high starting point of technology Renovation project, the use of high-tech restructuring, transformation and upgrading of domestic gear reducer industry technical level and competitiveness, encourage the introduction, digestion, absorption of foreign key technologies, and accelerate the process of localization
The implementation of the standardization strategy is the implementation of technological innovation, enhance the core competitiveness of products, build the foundation of national brands, but also break the international technical barriers to win the right to speak in the global competition. National reducer industry must gather the backbone of technology, the formation of innovative vitality, efforts to enhance the domestic brand reducer brand, and strive for the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry to provide the basis for the protection of the revitalization.
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