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Current Situation and Shortcomings of China 's Reducer Industry
Hits:829         Date:2017-6-23
The speed reducer as a power transmission mechanism, the use of gear speed converter, the power source to reduce the number of revolutions to the required number of revolutions. Reducer gears in the work will produce friction, the need for bearings to fix and reduce the role of friction, so the bearing is an indispensable parts of the reducer. With the country to further increase the intensity of infrastructure construction, China's reducer industry has been rapid development. Reducer industry development and bearing industry development inseparable.
From the scale of production, China's bearing industry as a result of relatively large production, ranking third in the world. Bearing industry as China's machinery industry, the most important inside a sub-sectors, and the Republic started together, has a long history.
After five five-year development plan, China's bearing industry to seize the opportunity to achieve a huge progress. Especially from the mid-sixties of last century, China's focus on the southwest, northwest and south-central region of the third-tier areas to build a number of bearing plants, improve the bearing industry layout. In the 1970s, bearing industry and automobile manufacturers simultaneously developed, the automobile bearing production base gradually formed, ushered in the Chinese bearing industry's second development peak. At this stage, China's bearing manufacturing industry has established a reasonable layout, scientific research and logistics support more perfect bearing industrial system.
In 1978, reform and opening up opened a new chapter in Chinese history, also set off the third wave of bearing industry development. Under the guidance of Deng Xiaoping Theory, China's bearing industry continued to carry out institutional reform, the introduction of foreign advanced technology and used by me, and actively expand the opening up, increase productivity, comprehensive technical strength was significantly enhanced in the international status gradually increased. With the old economic system is broken, the market economy system gradually formed, China's bearing industry's production capacity gradually improved, significantly improved the level of technology, the bearing industry to establish a more complete industrial system.
Bearing the development of the industry is also a moment affecting the development of reducer industry. With the reducer industry's industrial chain gradually improved, the relationship between the industry more and more in-depth, only the macro to grasp the development of the overall industry in order to compete in the fierce market competition.
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