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China's own production of slow-moving transmission equipment into the scale
Hits:803         Date:2017-6-23
For a long time, China's own production of deceleration transmission equipment are mostly versatile products, people tend to this type of equipment located in the low-end products. With the accelerated pace of economic globalization, Germany, France, Japan and other countries of the transmission equipment manufacturing giant have beachhead in China, the occupation of China's reducer in the high-end market. In order to improve the domestic market share of domestic equipment and create national independent brands, China's chemical industry, medicine and other industries on the transmission equipment sealing performance requirements, long for domestic transmission equipment, poor sealing performance, resulting in a variety of industrial gases, liquids, dust Serious contamination of toxic substances. In recent years, the domestic large-scale reducer manufacturers also for supporting the construction machinery and equipment required to develop a road roller, tamping machine, road excavator and other equipment supporting high-power, coaxial gear reducer; to adapt to mine and underground operations Transport needs Y series gear reducer; to adapt to high temperature and high pressure application equipment required for the series of planets reducer; to adapt to the project variable range of large arm gear stepless speed reducer more than 20 categories, hundreds of specifications of the series The
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