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China 's reducer industry devaluation conventional type
Hits:862         Date:2017-6-23
In recent years, China's reducer industry to product coverage in the field of sustainable development gradually evolved into an important force for sustainable growth of the national economy, social status has become increasingly prominent; 2010, China's reducer industry to double the number of output, output value achieved Eleven five perfect ending. In 2011, the increasing market demand for the development of China's reducer industry has brought new opportunities, and showing a sharp rise in product yield trend; 2012, the ongoing economic restructuring and structural adjustment to China's reducer industry to move Slow economic growth to achieve a phased cross; 2013, new technologies, new products, new markets are poised to go.
Throughout the international development of China's reducer industry, although a number of export-oriented enterprises with strong capital investment, advanced science and technology, high-quality product performance and innovative development model in the market open innovation and development of the forefront, but Most of the main market is still fighting in the relatively safe domestic market-based. However, it is unavoidable that, with the deepening of the degree of market liberalization, foreign enterprises have also invested in China's reducer market to set up factories; in other words, the injection of foreign enterprises to inward-oriented market players inevitably joined the ranks of international competition The According to the information, in recent years, world-renowned enterprises have poured into China's reducer market, these companies are not only global operations, but also global manufacturing, with its brand, equipment, technology, capital and production scale advantages, and domestic slowdown Machine enterprises launched a fierce competition.
In cooperation with the world-renowned enterprises and competition, China's reducer enterprises, although there are certain advantages, but most are not mature, most likely in the foreign companies under the impact of multiple advantages and beyond.
With the continuous interpretation of the 12th and the national macroeconomic policy continued to drive, China's reducer industry will continue to slow down the efficiency of growth into 2013. In addition, the domestic market supply trend has been increasingly revealed, China's reducer industry in the usher in a broad prospect at the same time, or will gradually improve the development of the foundation, began to reducer core technology contention; but in technology, , The mode of development and other aspects of the level of improvement, China's reducer industry also takes a long time, which shows that in the next period of time, China's reducer industry or will continue to slow down the economic growth finished self-improvement this big article The
In the current period, China's reducer industry is still the production of conventional type reducer, special equipment, research and development of the main body only a small part of the main group; in the technology and the scale of the double pressure, China's reducer industry if you want to achieve For foreign advanced reducer products beyond, the feasibility is almost zero. China's reducer network that self-improvement has become China's gear reducer industry can not be an important process of development, whether it is beyond the technology or the overall transcendence, will be the premise, otherwise, loopholes in the industry, there is no development and beyond At all.
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